5 Good Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean with Kids

Increasingly, my clients are looking for a vacation experience that is more exciting, more adventurous, than the easy resort vacations they enjoyed when kids were babies. Often, these families start looking at destinations like Costa Rica or Belize, where it’s possible to combine jungle adventure and wildlife with some relaxing time at the beach.

Chartering a catamaran in the Caribbean is also a super family friendly beach vacation experience that my families looking for a fun and unique trip are booking. Especially is you have a large group, or several families traveling together, this is a perfect beach getaway.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should charter a yacht in the Caribbean with kids.

It’s not as expensive as you may think

The best way to charter a yacht in the Caribbean is to do a “fully crewed” charter. This includes a captain, chef, all the water toys (kayaks, SUP boards, snorkel gear, etc) and perhaps most importantly all of your food and drinks for the week.

A vessel with 6 bedrooms, so plenty of room for 3 families, runs about $24,000 on a fully crewed, all inclusive basis. At $8,000 per family, this is about the same price as a nice all-inclusive resort experience for a family of 4.


As I mentioned above, the fully crewed yacht charter experience is all inclusive, including all food and drinks. A few months before you depart, we’ll have a call with the crew to chat about menu options and what you’d like the catamaran stocked with ahead of your arrival. You don’t have to worry about anything and it will all be there waiting for you when you arrive. This experience is totally customized for you and your group!

Set your own itinerary

At the same time we begin discussing menu options, we’ll also chat about a specific itinerary. Sign up below for instant access to a sample itinerary of a 7-night trip around the British Virgin Islands, but know that this is just one option.

The captain will make suggestions for you based on your group’s interests. And, it’s possible to stay totally flexible even while you’re on the ship based on weather and interesting things that may be happening around the area.

SO much for kids to do

One of the main concerns families have is worrying that kids will feel cooped up on a boat for 7 straight days. Let me put that concern to rest right now.

From the moment they wake up until the sun sets, kids will be swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, jumping off the boat, and exploring private beaches. The crews I use for my families have been known to rig up swings off the side of the vessel and create movie nights using the sail as a screen. You’ll never hear “I’m bored” from the kids on a Caribbean sailing vacation.

Easy and Stress Free

Last but certainly not least, when you charter a yacht in the Caribbean with kids you’ll experience one of the easiest, and most stress-free vacations ever. With plenty of advance preparation between me and the team on the ground, and the attentive service of the crew once you’re on board, you literally don’t have to worry about a thing.

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