Things to do in Bora Bora with Kids

Bora Bora is one of those places that, without a doubt, lives up to the images you see online and all the flowery travel writing attempting to describe the destination.

Of course, photos simply can’t even come close to capturing the color of the water, the sun setting against the towering mountain. If you’re thinking about visiting Tahiti, you don’t want to miss Bora Bora. 

And while the destination has long been known as the ultimate honeymoon spot, now more than ever Bora Bora is very much a family destination. Here are my favorite things to do in Bora Bora with kids. 

Explore Under the Water 

Bora Bora is all about underwater exploration. There simply is not much developed on the actual island itself (Moorea is the best Tahitian island to explore by land). Most of the action is happening on the Motu islands that ring the lagoon. 

Perhaps the most iconic activity here is swimming with sharks and manta rays. Between three different stops, you’ll hop in the water and swim amongst lemon and black tipped sharks and manta rays.

Watching my little guy happily swim around as the sharks circled him definitely went against every ounce of common sense in my body – not to mention human evolution! But it is of course perfectly safe.

We had the best guide for Bora Bora with kids as well, which always helps! (I’ll set you up with him as well of course.)

Traditional Polynesian BBQ on the Beach 

After a morning exploring under the water, head to a Motu for a traditional feast. Kids will love seeing how the locals barbecue their meat and potatoes underground. Grilled meat, fish, sweet potatoes and fresh fruit dominate the menu. 

Eat with your toes in the water and enjoy an after lunch swim under the shadow of Mount Otemanu.

Try an Outrigger Canoe 

On Bora Bora, the sport of Outrigger Kayaking is serious business. You’ll see locals training before and after work, some in team canoes with 5 – 6 people and others in individual boats. 

We loved watching them hop into the wake of our tender boat and keep speed with the boat (still not totally sure how that actually works!)

Four nights on Bora Bora is a fabulous way to begin a family trip to Tahiti. Relax, explore, play in the water and let that magnificent mountain guide you before heading to a second destination (like the Brando!) to round out your time in Tahiti. 

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