Exploring Moorea With Kids by Car

The island of Moorea can easily be seen from Papeete, her Belevedere peak towering on the horizon, yet this island is a whole other world. Where Papeete is bustling, Moorea is never in a hurry.

Of course Tahiti’s magnificent underwater experiences are the star of the show on islands like Bora Bora, But the island of Moorea is the perfect island to explore by land. Here’s how to spend a fun day on Moorea with kids.

Rent a Red Roadster 

Why rent a boring old rental car when you can rent a hilarious red roadster?! There is only one company on the island currently offering these, so simply ask around and you’ll be able to find them.

You’ll need your drivers license, or at least a photo of it, in order to rent, and the price is around $200 for 4-5 hours (which is plenty of time to see the whole island). If you have more than 2-3 people you’ll need to rent 2 vehicles, as they are quite small.

Swim in the Lagoon 

We set out driving counterclockwise around the island. There is only one road, so driving this direction makes it easy to pull off on the beach side of the road (vs island side) and avoids much traffic crossing at all (though there is very little traffic anyway!)

The first stop when exploring Moorea with kids?  One of the most beautiful lagoons I’ve ever seen! This public beach has plenty of safe parking, be sure to grab a towel and some snacks and relax here for a while. There were a few locals scattered around the beach but it certainly was not crowded.

Grab a Snack 

After your swim, continue around the island. We stopped in the main shopping area for a traditional Tahitian snack (some sort of delicious cheesy potatoes) before continuing on.

Moorean life is peaceful. No one is in a hurry. I was driving slowly, but no one was eager to pass me as we marveled at the landscape, local communities, and beautiful lagoon vistas around each turn. Simply taking in the scene is one of the best parts of exploring Moorea with kids.

Hike Around Belevedere

Just after Cooks Bay, we turned off the main road to drive the narrow and winding trail up to Belevedere Peak. We had the lookout all to ourselves.

Up here you could park and do some hiking, there are several well marked trails, however and as in most cases around Tahiti, hiring a local guide is really a smart idea. Trails can change due to rain and vegetation, and some of the cliffs can be pretty steep.

Don’t miss the Tarzan tree on the way down. The kids will love swinging from the vines!

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