How much should we budget for a family vacation?

Establishing what your family is comfortable spending on travel, and clearly articulating that to us, is a critical first step in planning a fabulous trip.

Between the Videre Travel team, our in-destination partners, and all the various guides and experience providers along the way there can be a LOT of people involved in designing your itinerary. 

So communicating an accurate budget is really really really important so everyone that all the different people involved can work together to deliver thebest experience for your family that aligns with your budget and expectations.

But how much we budget for a family vacation? To help you plan, we’ve outlined average budgets for several of our most popular family travel destinations below.

Below you’ll find “per day” budget guidelines for a family vacation to various destinations. These amounts are based on the average our clients spend on a complete itinerary for a 7 night (or so) trip (not including international airfare). Estimated budgets are based on a family of 4 traveling together and include accommodations, transportation, experiences and some meals (generally breakfast daily and a few other meals here and there).

Costa Rica: US $800 – $1,200 per day

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for active families. Here you can have some epic jungle adventures (zip-line through the cloud forest, rappel down a waterfall, white water rafting!) then head to the beach for a few days of fun in the sun. Costa Rica has a range of accommodation options, from pretty basic to luxury, so here we’re able to work with a wide range of budgets.

Panama: US $900 – $1,500 per day

Panama, on the other hand, remains a developing tourism destination and has less hotel inventory available. However, the jungle ecosystem and beaches are very similar to what you’ll experience in Costa Rica. Because we have fewer accommodation options available, and properties are smaller, it generally costs a bit more to travel to Panama than to it’s neighbor to the north.

Belize: US $700 – $1,100 per day

Belize, another great Central American country where families can combine jungle adventures with some quality beach time, also has relatively few accommodation options, but tends to be a little lower priced than Costa Rica and Panama. One big reason is that it’s a small country so moving around is less expensive.

Peru: US $2,000 per day

Machu Picchu is on the bucket list for many families. One of our favorite ways for families to experience this spectacular destination is to combine culture in Cusco, glamping along the Inca trail, and a lodge stay in the sacred valley.

East Africa: US $2,500 – $3,000 per day

Ahhhhh Africa! Our absolute favorite family travel destination!

From epic walking safaris to luxurious, remote wildlife lodges, an African safari should be on the bucket list of every family. We’ve spent decades working in Africa with the very best safari operators, and know how to do safari right for families. While on safari, you’re staying in remote locations, often on private wildlife conservancies. As such, these trips include all meals, drinks, activities, conservation fees, transportation … literally everything. So while the daily price for a family of 4 may seem high at first glance, once you look at what is included the value becomes apparent.

South Africa: US $1,600 – $2,500 per day

South Africa is a bit unique within Africa. This country has a more developed infrastructure as well as more safari lodges and game reserves, which allows for more competitive pricing on a traditional safari experience. Here you can explore the city of Cape Town, enjoy the country’s storied wine country, and spot the Big 5 while on safari – making this an ideal first safari destination for many families.

Italy: 1,000 Euro per day

Italy constantly tops the list as one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans. Turns out, we love the food, the wine, the culture, the landscape … and it’s always a memorable family trip. But particularly during the peak summer travel months, this popularity comes at a price. If you are planning on really “seeing” Italy, including the most popular cities and sites, you’ll need to budget a bit more for your time here vs. other European cities.

France: 900 – 1,100 Euro per day

France is right up there with Italy on the “must see” European itinerary. While Paris (like any major city) is not inexpensive, we’re able to design a complete France itinerary that combines city hotels, countryside castles and charming seaside villas for an average of around 900 Euro per day.

Spain and Portugal: 600 – 900 Euro per day

Spain and Portugal, at least for now, continue to fly a bit under the radar. Sure some of our favorite luxury hotels are in these countries, but there are still plenty of off the beaten track cities and independent accommodation options that allow us to design itineraries here that are great value for money.

Greece: 800 – 1,200 Euro per day

Greece is a destination that can be a great value in the off season (winter) and the exact opposite in peak season (summer). If you’re keen to experience the history and culture, consider traveling in May or October, when the weather is lovely and prices are about half of what they are during the peak summer months.

Fiji/ Tahiti: US $1,600 – $1,900 per day

With kid-loving culture and stunning natural beauty, both Fiji and Tahiti are ideal destinations for a most wonderful family beach getaway. Here you’ll feel safe, moving around is stress free and everything is totally laid back. Again, because there are relatively few accommodation options, prices are a bit higher than other beach destinations, but soooooo worth it.

Hopefully this helps answer the question; “How much should we budget for a family vacation?” and why it’s important to think about this early on in the planning process. Contact us today to get started planning your family’s next trip!

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