Morgan’s Rock Nicaragua Eco Resort

I’m not going to lie – I love my job! I just adore helping young families plan an book spectacular beach vacations. From that very first beach getaway to an all inclusive resort in Mexico, to grander adventures further afar, crafting a perfect, customized journey for families is immensely rewarding.

Increasingly, the families I work with are looking to explore new destinations and have adventures beyond the walls of an all inclusive resort (especially as children get to be a bit older). For these families, Nicaragua has been a top destination in recent months. I discovered this country a few years ago with my own young family, and have loved introducing many of my clients to Nicaragua this year. The Pacific coast, in particular, is magic and Morgan’s Rock is my top recommended property there.

Here are 5 good reasons to consider Morgan’s Rock Nicaragua Eco Resort for your next family beach vacation.

SO much to do on site, keep everyone active and busy!

Surfing Nicaragua is a surfer’s secret paradise, between beginner surfing on their private Octal beach or Maderas, a world class beach for more experienced surfers. Morgan’s Rock happily loans boards and rash guards so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

Or hop in a 4×4 safari truck seeking the 3 species of monkeys found in the Nicaraguan forest: Howler monkeys which can be heard from a mile away long, the shy spider monkeys, and the mischievous white faced Capuchins.

And kids love exploring the on site farm, where a majority of the food served in the lodge comes from.  At Morgan’s Rock Nicaragua Eco Lodge, you can rise early and depart for the farm. Here, milk cows, gather eggs, visit all the animals,  and make fresh corn tortillas. Then, prepare and enjoy a hearty traditional breakfast at the farm house before returning to the lodge.

These are just a few of the fabulous on site experiences. Here is a complete list of all of the experiences and excursions available at Morgans’ Rock.

The beach!

Most of my clients who book Nicaragua are looking for a warm wether beach getaway – but something a little different than the same old Mexico vacation. In addition to all of the amazing activities mentioned above, Morgan’s Rock Nicaragua Eco Resort has an awesome beach!

The beach at Morgan’s Rock is wide, and private. Spend the days relaxing under one of the thatch bandas, or try our hand at surfing. These waves are ideal for beginners.

Two-bedroom Villas Perfect for Families

These units, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms, offer plenty of space for families to spread out. I love the open feeling of these rooms, giving the feel of living in the treetops. It’s obvious that great care was taken when constructing the lodge to minimally impact the forest and surrounding area. In fact, the majority of the space surrounding Morgan’s Rock is a government protected nature preserve.

These villas also all have a private pool and ample living space to hang out.

Morgan’s Rock is a Wellness Oasis

Between locally-grown fresh food for every meal, on site yoga and an amazing spa, Morgan’s Rock is an oasis of health and wellness. Runs on the beach, hiking in the forest, surfing, SUP paddle boarding are just some of the ways to stay active here.

More than 4,300 sq ft Morgan´s Rock´s Yoga Studio is open-air platform that embraces the forest and overlooks the ocean, creating a very unique yoga experience.

Great Value for Money 

While Nicaragua is definitely becoming more popular in recent months, the destination continues to offer amazing value for money. And you can feel good about the money you are spending here. A key part of Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge sustainability efforts is its involvement with the local community. Nearly all the employees are from the local area and the resort supports the community by buying products from local vendors and farmers.

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