Offbeat Mara, Masai Mara Kenya

Offbeat Mara is a small, traditional safari camp, situated within the 74,000 acre Mara North Conservancy (MNC) adjacent to Kenya’s Masai Mara. The area is full of wildlife yet far from any other camp or lodge.  MNC is only open to member camps and has a strict policy on game viewing etiquette.  For these reasons you will get a wholly exclusive experience that is otherwise becoming hard to find in Africa!

Offbeat Mara maintains its private homely feel by consisting of only seven tents.  There are five doubles/twins and two family tents.  The heart of the camp is the main ‘mess’ tent with its bar, dining area, sitting room, fireplace and forest deck.  All the accommodation tents are en suite with flush loos and traditional hot safari showers.  Each tent has its own veranda and is carefully positioned to offer wonderful views as well as privacy.

This is why you come to the Mara!  The wildlife in this area is extraordinary with huge numbers of plains game and with that, all the big cats.  Certain prides of lion in the area have become world famous thanks to the Big Cat Diary, and the camp’s local pride, known as the Offbeat Pride are almost part of the family!  The Offbeat guides know every member of the pride and all the history that goes with them over the past 14 years.  Game viewing is exceptional all year round, but from July to October you will also get to experience the annual wildebeest migration in its hundreds of thousands. The ‘Secret Season’ of January to March is often as rewarding, with clear skies, short grass and the Loita wildebeest migration coming to Mara North Conservancy.

As one of the founding members of the Mara North Conservancy, Offbeat Mara is committed to helping preserve this 74,000 acre piece of the Masai Mara eco-system.  For the first time, Masai landlords are being rewarded fairly and equally for protecting their land and the wildlife on it.  As a result, this area has improved dramatically as a wildlife conservancy, with long term benefits to those with the foresight to keep protecting it.

Over 90% of the camp staff are local Masai who helped build the camp in 2005.  They now have jobs from guides to cooks, to room stewards and waiters…all gaining valuable skills to pass on to the next generation.  And it is this younger generation that are the future of this area.

Offbeat Mara is conscious that it operates in a fragile ecosystem.  As such the camp has no permanent structures and is purely canvas with some local rock and soil to level the base for the tents.

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