The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Imagine this. It’s Friday night and you have a reservation and the hot new Spanish restaurant in town. Friends have been raving about their traditional paella for weeks and you can’t wait to check it out. 

Paella is, of course, Spain’s most emblematic and beloved culinary delight.  The preparation of paella is – quite literally – an art form.

“I’d like to order the paella please. I have heard great things!” you chat with the server as you place your order. 

“However, I’d like you to hold the mussels please. I’m trying to be cost-conscious these days. I found a great deal on mussels at the grocery store this week,” you tell your server as you produce a container of steamed mussels. “So I cooked them up and brought them along! I’ll just add them myself.” 

Before the shocked server can respond, you continue “and since the mussels are not included, I’m assuming you can provide a nice discount on the price of the dish, right?”

Not only would the chef be horribly offended at this request, it’s impossible to pick apart a dish like paella. One single ingredient does not make a spectacular paella. The beauty of this dish is in the selection of the freshest ingredients, the art of the preparation, and the melding of all the ingredients and flavors throughout the cooking process.

Dining out in a restaurant is about the whole experience – not to DIY your dinner. That’s what your kitchen is for, right?

Similarly, when you hire a team of professionals to custom design a travel itinerary for you the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The beauty of a custom travel itinerary is in the curation of every element, from hotels to guides and everything in between. The magic happens in the way these elements are combined into a complete travel experience.

In the same way that chefs train for years between school and apprenticeships, as travel designers we also have spent decades perfecting our craft. The vast majority of travel design is not learned in the classroom or found on Google, rather it takes years of hands-on experience working alongside the best in the business to become one of the best.

When you hire Videre Travel to design your trip, you can be sure that your travel experience will be greater than the sum of its parts!


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