4 (Unexpected) Travel Bookings Best Left to a Pro

At Videre Travel we talk a lot about those big, bucket list destinations. Safari in Africa! Island hopping in Greece! Machu Picchu!
These are most definitely our jam.
However, especially in this post-pandemic era, we’re also jumping in and helping clients book a wide variety of trips. Here are just a few trips we’re helping clients with right now.
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Vacation Rental or Villa

We love privately-owned, residential style accommodations, from the perfect ski house in Vail to a charming apartment in the heart of walkable Paris, particularly for a family vacation.

Sure, it’s easy to pull up VRBO or Airbnb if you’re looking for residential-style accommodations for a family or group trip. But its also really difficult to feel confident that the description, location, photos and overall experience is going to be exactly what’s represented online. Will someone be there to meet you? Who do you call if problems arise?
At Videre Travel we have a spectacular network of trusted villa and residential-style vacation rental partners around the world. We do not work with consumer rental sites like VRBO or Airbnb.
Rather, we use accredited local brokers who personally maintain a portfolio of properties in their destination of expertise. You’ll always have access to a local point of content and can feel truly confident that the experience will be exactly as represented. We stand by the quality of every property we recommend and book.
Looking to book a home or villa for your next family trip? Get in touch to get started planning!

Hotel Bookings for Quick Getaways

If you follow Videre Travel on Instagram, you’ll often catch us in the stories talking about why the savviest of travelers never EVER book hotels directly … or even worse on a website like Booking or Agoda. (Please don’t ever ever!!)
Why? Hotels hate bookings that come from 3rd party online travel sites (too many additional fees that lower their ultimate profitability, no personal connection or qualification with the client, misrepresentation of rooms, and on and on …)

But when a travel advisor books a hotel, the hotel feels confident that we have qualified the client for the experience and will be available to work hand in hand with the concierge team to prepare a wonderful experience in advance of arrival.
Furthermore, Videre Travel is part of a large, national network of travel advisors. Together our buying power is massive. The hotels place great importance on this business and will always bend over backwards to ensure our clients are treated the absolute best. You’ll get the best room allocation, upgrades on arrival, added perks like resort credits and much more.
So if you’re booking a nice hotel for a girls getaway, anniversary celebration or any other quick getaway – please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Beach Resorts

Similar to booking hotel stays, we also have preferred relationships and the best pricing with resorts around the world.
While it might seem simple to book a beach resort directly online for a “fun in the sun” getaway, once again if you want the best room allocation, opportunity to secure an upgrade, and overall VIP treatment you’ll want to book with a travel advisor.

As we like to say, you can’t VIP yourself! We have a direct line to the on-site management team and can VIP you ahead of arrival to ensure the best possible experience.

Premium Class Airfare

Typically, we don’t book air for clients. Our clients rely on us for our expertise in designing and booking fabulous itineraries and travel experiences. Most travelers prefer to book flights on their own using points or direct with the airlines.

However, we do work closely with an air team that negotiate exclusive rates with the airlines, particularly on premium classes of service. So if you’re planning on flying in a premium class of service (Business or First) we absolutely can help and have access to pretty spectacular rates. Please reach out to inquire about that!
So, what’s on your travel list for this summer and beyond? Complete this quick form to get started planning today!

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