5 Trips To Plan AT LEAST One Year in Advance

When it comes to planning travel – there are two types. Are you a perpetual last-minute traveler, putting together your family’s Spring Break just a few weeks in advance? Or are you a long-term planner, charting out your adventures years in advance?
At Videre Travel, every day we see first-hand how the planning and anticipation of a big trip is half the fun of the travel experience! Every member of the family loves looking forward to a fun adventure!

But of course, we’ve worked our magic putting together epic trips for our clients on very short notice as well.
However, today we wanted to share a few tips that simply MUST be planned at LEAST 12 months in advance.

Safari in Africa

This is a big bucket list trip, and a destination that is very close to our hearts. There simply is nothing like that bright red sun setting over the African savannah, or the mind-blowing concentration and diversity of wildlife, or the spectacular safari camps perched in totally remote areas, yet offering a world-class luxury travel experience.

And there are countless reasons why this is a trip that simply must be booked well in advance.
The best safari camps are small and intimate. Many have between 6 and 10 tents/ rooms so they book up well in advance. When selecting the perfect safari camp for your family, location and guiding are two of the most important factors to creating the best experience. You want to be where the wildlife is at that specific time of year, stay away from crowds, and ensure you have the very best guides.

The best pricing will always be scored well in advance, and will always go up as you get closer to dates of travel. It’s a big trip! Don’t settle for a less than ideal scenario for your family by planning last minute.
And finally, planning ahead gives your family time to anticipate the adventure!

Milestone Birthday Trips

We LOOOVE planning a fun milestone birthday trip! This is a trip that is uniquely about celebrating life, love, friends and family. And as a travel advisor it’s an opportunity to get really creative and design something special.

Many of our clients (particularly post-pandemic) are planning fabulous beach and other warm-weather getaways to celebrate a milestone birthday and inviting a large group of friends and family to join in the party.
First and foremost, planning something like this a year in advance gives those who are invited time to plan and work this fun trip into their schedule so they can join in the celebration. Also, there are a few destinations and properties we love for this kind of trip (that’s the topic of a future post!), but they book up well in advance.


The Galápagos Islands, located roughly 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, remained a closely-guarded natural secret for millions of years. Over that time, the archipelago evolved into a home for an all-star cast of plants and animals.

Of course the most famous modern-era visitor was Charles Darwin, a young naturalist who spent 19 days studying the islands’ flora and fauna in 1835. In 1859, Darwin published On the Origin of Species, which introduced his theory of evolution — and the Galápagos Islands — to the world.

The Galapagos government carefully monitors and regulates the number of people allowed into these pristine islands. Whether you travel by boat or opt to stay in one of the properties on the islands, space is simply extremely limited and always books up fast.

Yacht Charter

Chartering a boat is something our clients are increasingly asking for. From the Caribbean to Croatia to Greece – there has never been so much interest in exploring these destinations by boat! Perhaps this is due to covid (a private boat charter is one of the most covid-friendly means of travel out there) or perhaps because travelers are thinking bigger than ever before!

Either way, we LOVE booking boat charters and have some of the best local partners in the best boating destinations. But this is a trip that definitely needs to be booked well in advance.
Why? The local teams work with the charter companies to ensure that the boat and the crew are the perfect fit for each and every family. Typically the crew will include a captain and hostess (often times they are a couple) and perhaps one additional support staff. This crew spends the entire season on this boat – allowing them to get to know the boat and the area really well. So by booking early, we can ensure the perfect boat AND the best crew given the dynamics of your family and your group.
So are any of these destinations on your family’s bucket list? Simply complete this short form to get started planning your next adventure today!

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