A peek behind the curtain!

Today we are taking a quick break from our regularly scheduled travel inspiration to offer a little “peek behind the curtain.”

As the desire and demand to travel surges in this post-pandemic world, savvy travelers are increasingly turning to professionals (like Videre Travel!) for several reasons.
Read on to discover four of these reasons along with some behind-the-scenes context.

Travel Designed for YOU

Each and every trip we design is a custom creation for you and your family. First, we take time to get to know you and really understand what you are looking to experience.
Then, we pull from decades of experience and global relationships to design travel experiences that are right for YOU and your family.

Sure, your sister may have loved a hotel or your neighbor raved about their trip, but these might not be the best fit for you.
We are constantly getting feedback from clients, updates from our partners on the ground and sharing news across our global network of travel advisors. As a result, we stay current and well informed about all options and this allows us to make the best recommendations for you.

Let’s Talk Money

Videre Travel is affiliated with a large consortia of travel advisors. This consortia, or network, produces a significant amount of sales for hotels and other travel suppliers around the world. Hotels, resorts and other travel suppliers value our collective business.

As a result, the rates we have access to are usually better than what you can find and book on your own and exclusive include added value (think free breakfast, resort credit, room upgrades, etc).
They want to be sure we’re happy, and by extension the larger consortia of advisors are also happy. And this means they will bend over backwards to ensure YOU the traveler are happy.
So will working with a travel advisor save you money? Sometimes.
Will working with a travel advisor get you the best value and return on your investment in travel? Always!
(And let me say it again louder for the people in the back – never ever book a hotel with an online travel agency like Expedia, etc. Just don’t! Hotels hate these sites. This is a surefire way to get the very least amount of value or service from a travel experience.)

Support Every Step of the Way

Over the past two decades, we have developed relationships with partners “on the ground” in destinations around with whom we work.
We’ve met our partners at industry events, conferences, and through personal introductions. We’ve worked with these partners for years, and have traveled with them ourselves!

It’s these local teams who keep us up-to-date on the latest news and experiences in each destination. We trust these partners to deliver exceptional travel support. We’ve earned one another’s trust as business partners, and in many cases, as friends!
Particularly when traveling internationally as a family, having a local contact to reach out to with questions or in case of emergency is priceless. We like to say we “connect good people with good people.”

Shop Local

And finally, when you work with a travel advisor you are ensuring your travel dollars are truly supporting small businesses – both locally and around the world!

The travel industry is made up of millions of small businesses, family-owned operators, and local guides. By booking with a boutique travel company like Videre Travel you are supporting this global network of small and local businesses.
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