Costa Rica – a Family Travel Classic!

Costa Rica is often one of the first “big” trips families take.
Most families with very young children adore the ease and relaxation of beach resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Simply getting away as a family is precious.

But as the kids get older, families begin to look for a bit more action and a bit more adventure.
Does this sound familiar?
Costa Rica is an ideal stepping stone to bigger, bucket list trips. Here you can explore spectacular beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, and amazing wildlife … and it’s also super accessible!

Here are just a few reasons why Costa Rica is a quintessential family travel destination for families of every stage!

So Many Beaches!

I can’t think of many other destinations that have such a wide variety of beaches. In Costa Rica you can begin your trip exploring the untouched beaches that dot bohemian coastline on the Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo and end in the super hip Nosara beach town.

Or set up for a week in Manual Antonio, from where you can enjoy private beaches, the spectacular National Park and countless hidden waterfalls.If you’re a beach family, Costa Rica won’t disappoint.

“Sloths Dripping From the Trees”

This is a line I use often when describing Costa Rica, particularly the Manual Antonio area.

My own family fondly recalls dining in Manual Antonio and being called away from our meals to watch a family of sloths – slowly – cross the road. It was spectacular! The wildlife in Costa Rica is really special and super entertaining for kids.

Of course it’s so much more than sloths. From endangered Macaw’s to underwater wildlife, Costa Rica is teeming with wildlife to keep kids excited and engaged.

Super Easy Access.

There are many direct flights from the United States to Costa Rica into two international airports, San Jose and Liberia, from around the United States. With no dramatic time zone changes, it’s very do-able for young families!

All the Adventure.

For active families, Costa Rica does not disappoint. Everyone will love swimming, surfing, zip-lining, hiking, river rafting, hot springs, and so much more!

Costa Rica is Safe. Medical Care is Good.

And because it’s the year of Covid – it’s worth mentioning that Costa Rica is a safe, developed country. By almost any standard, Costa Rica has some of the best healthcare in Latin America. Most doctors speak English and have received training in Europe, Canada, or the United States.
And finally, it’s important to note, there is a WIDE range of family-friendly accommodations available in Costa Rica. From private villas to super cool boutique hotels, we have accommodation options to meet every budget. This allows us to design itineraries for a wide range of families to Costa Rica.
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