Croatia has always been a hot destination for families interested in a boating vacation.

Dalmatia encompasses Croatia’s western border with the Adriatic Sea, running roughly from the island of Rab just below the Istrian peninsula to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. And the Dalmatian islands are absolutely ideal for sailing!

From historic cities and quaint mountain towns to tucked-away beaches and sprawling vineyards, there’s a lot to do and see on the many islands that dot the coast.

The country also is home to extraordinary historical sites and of course, that lovely Mediterranean lifestyle that is the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation.

And now more than ever we’re working on many itineraries for families for travel to Croatia in 2022.
If you’re trying to decide where to travel as a family next summer, here are just a few reasons why you should consider Croatia!

Where to Stay

Well, clearly the best place to stay in Croatia is on a boat! We have yachts of all shapes and sizes, motorized and under sail.

The Croatian Gulet (gullet) is a traditional custom made wooden boat, hand built, equipped with sails but also with the use of motor power. All boat charters are fully fitted with an abundance of water toys including stand up paddle boards, snorkeling equipment, Jet ski’s and of course direct access to the sea. Many of the newer vessels also feature a Jacuzzi on the sundeck.

The benefit of sailing on a smaller vessel is the ability to dock in hidden bays and enjoy uninterrupted swimming stops in crystal clear water.

And on land, there are plenty of amazing properties. Villa Dubrovnik is one property that certainly can’t be beat.

Set into the rocky cliffs on the most magical stretch of Dalmatian coast, Villa Dubrovnik is a stylish retreat for guests in search of luxurious privacy and first-class hospitality. The hotel’s pristine white architecture provides a stunning contrast to the rocky landscape and Adriatic Sea.

What to Eat

Seafood is definitely a star when traveling along Croatia’s coast. Expect to see “crni rizot” (black risotto) on the menus of seafood restaurants in Croatia. This is essentially squid risotto made using ink that colors the risotto black. Besides squids, this risotto often contains other seafood, particularly mussels, clams, and other shellfish.

Fuzi, a quill-shaped homemade pasta, is another dish typical in Croatia. Pasta dough is cut in a diamond shape, then rolled around a chopstick (often pencil) to form a quill-shaped hollow tube. Fuzi is usually served with different stews: mushrooms, truffles, chicken, or beef stew. Just a few local dishes to check out!

What to Do

Spend your time on land meandering centuries-old cobbled streets and exploring the many UNESCO World Heritage sites and hiking through stunning national parks.

And of course explore the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea sailing around the thousands of islands along the Dalmatian Coast.

Check out a complete sample itinerary for the best of the best family trip to Croatia here!
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