Is the Brando in Tahiti Worth it?

Now more than ever, families are planning and booking big, bucket list trips. It seems that “losing” a year of life to the pandemic encouraged many of us to get serious about making plans, setting priorities and doing things of which we’ve always dreamt.
And speaking of dreamy … a trip to Tahiti should be on everyone’s bucket list. The destination is exotic, stunningly beautiful, and a perfect opportunity to create cherished family memories.

The Brando, located on a private island in Tahiti, is one of our all time favorite hotels. And while it can definitely be considered a splurge, it is very much worth it. Here are just a few good reasons why you need to plan a trip to The Brando in Tahiti for your family’s next vacation.

“One doesn’t take the A train to Mecca.”

The late, great Anthony Bourdain once summed up the adventure of the journey perfectly, “The journey is part of the experience – an expression of the seriousness of one’s intent. One doesn’t take the A train to Mecca.” Getting to The Brando is most certainly part of this travel adventure.

Begin by hopping on a small plane from Papeete, the main airport in Tahiti. The airport is easy to navigate, and you’re met with a rush of fresh Tahitian air as soon as you arrive. This airport does not have walls, rather is open on all sides!
Freshen up in the Air Tetiaroa lounge complete with coffee, cold drinks and plenty of books and photos sprinkled around that tell the history behind the island of Tetiaroa. The small planes range from 6 – 15 seats. This flight is short, and upon arrival you’ll fly low over the island of Tetiroa. The most spectacular welcome to Tahiti you could ever imagine!As you arrive, you’ll fully appreciate just how remote this island is, yet spectacularly worth the journey.

Home of Your French Polynesian Safari

The island consists of 6 motus (or smaller islands), one of which is home to The Brando resort. The other islands are owned by Marlon Brando’s foundation, and remain uninhabited. In fact, they are dedicated to conservation and research.

In the middle of the motus is a lagoon of the most magnificent range of blues and greens you’ve ever seen, teeming with healthy coral gardens and plenty of marine life. A real Tahitian safari experience!

Made to Order Adventure for your Family

Upon arrival and after settling in, you’ll have a chance to plan your time on the island with the concierge team. It’s best to make a plan as soon as you arrive, to be sure the guides are available and you can see and do everything you would like.

Be sure to explore the lagoon by boat, check out the coral gardens together with a local guide, discover the marine birds and flora on a guided tour by boat, learn how to sail a traditional outrigger sailboat and when you’re ready to relax, the team can set you up on one of the motus with lunch to while away your afternoon in privacy.

Villas are Ideal for Families

Each of the 30 one-bedroom villas are exquisite and offer plenty of space for the a family of 4. You’ll find a King bed in the master bedroom and a sofa bed in the office. The sofa bed can be made up each evening for the children.

Then, there is a common area in between the bedroom and office where you’ll find the mini bar. Each villa has a private pool and large stretch of private beachfront as well.
Pricing for the villas includes children under the age of 12 free of charge, and a daily supplement per child between the ages of 12 and 17. Rates also are all inclusive – all meals, drinks, activities, and even one spa treatment daily. (And the spa is truly one of the most unique spas on earth.)

A three night stay at The Brando in Tahiti is the ultimate addition to your family’s Tahiti vacation, either before or after a catamaran charter or week-long sailing with Paul Gauguin, is a perfect combination. Particularly during the summer months and festive season, there will be plenty of other families on the island.
Thinking about Tahiti for your next family trip? Get started planning today!

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