Mexico Has Reopened! Here’s What To Expect …

As the world begins to wake from quarantine – the global pause of 2020 – many families are beginning to think about travel once again. At the moment the list of destinations where Americans can travel is small (this list from AFAR is the most up to date), but Mexico is currently a go!

Of course the world has changed since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Every family is making their own decisions based on what’s right for them. If you’re itching to get out, Mexico is a safe option.
Here’s what you can expect when traveling to Mexico right now.

What is flying like right now?

Generally, it’s business as usual at the airports. Because fewer people are traveling, things have been efficient, lines are minimal, social distancing and masking are the norm and strongly enforced. Food throughout the airport is only grab-n-go style and no meals or beverages are being served on flights, so plan accordingly.
Upon arrival in Mexican airports, your temperature will be checked (without you even noticing in most cases – you walk under a machine that checks). Currently you do not need a negative Covid-19 test to enter Mexico, though there is a new questionnaire upon arrival you will need to complete before going through final security and customs.
Cancun was the first destination in the Americas and one of the first few in the world to receive the “Safe Travels” global safety and hygiene stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council. The stamp indicates that the destination has “implemented the new safety measures for travelers that WTTC has recognized and approved,” said Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquín González.

In all public tourist spaces, expect to see staff masked and wearing safety glasses and practicing regular hand washing and hand sanitizing.

Do the locals want us there?

While it’s impossible to speak for everyone, the overall attitude in Mexico is very positive. The positive impact of tourism on these local economies can not be over stated, and the local communities feel that the regulations in place are strong and give them confidence in welcoming tourism back.

This past April, during the height of the lockdown, tourism income brought in only 6.3 percent of what it did a year prior, and reports say close to 90,000 tourism jobs in Cancun were lost. Though Mexico has a form of unemployment insurance available, many who applied were rejected from receiving it. The “lucky ones,” so to speak, are receiving the country’s minimum wage, a mere 123.22 Mexican pesos ($6.36 USD) per day.

What are the resorts like right now?

Because of the low occupancy rates (all Cancun resorts are currently booking a maximum of only 30 percent of their rooms, but many have been operating with less than 20 percent), you can expect full stretches of beach and poolside space nearly all to yourselves, all day long. We’ve heard from clients who were super impressed that food allergies, drink preferences, and names were all memorized by the staff instantly. You can expect amazing service when traveling to Mexico right now.

If you’d like to explore options for travel to Mexico right now, please contact us to get started!

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