Steal Away to Your Private Beach at Morgan’s Rock Nicaragua

A perfect, massive crescent of a beach is why your family will fall in love with Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua. There are few places on earth where you can spend days on end exploring this private coastline, playing in the water, relaxing on the beach – and see almost no one else.

Here are just a few reasons to steal away to Morgan’s Rock in Nicaragua.

The Most Comfortable Family Accommodations

We LOVE the 2 bedroom villas at Morgan’s Rock. Each villa has two sleeping rooms, two en suite bathrooms, a comfortable terrace with a private plunge pool with stunning views out to the ocean and unparalleled, eye-level wildlife. These villas can accommodate up to a family of 6.

The common sitting area is open air, and the sleeping rooms have walls that are partially screen, partially solid walls. Air conditioning is in the form of a totally unique headboard that provides climate control over the bed. Even though the walls are open air, you will never be too hot while sleeping in the massive, comfortable king beds.

Plenty to Do and See and Explore on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

Hop on a boat right from the Morgan’s Rock beach and experience the amazing Nicaraguan Pacific coastline on your way to San Juan del Sur. In San Juan del Sur, a charming surf town, taste local dishes including amazing catch of the day and visit local stores.

Furthermore, located on a 4000-acre expanse of Nicaraguan jungle, nearly half of Morgan’s Rock’s vast property is a private protected reserve. Here the guides will take you out on the trails to spot monkeys, sloths and a range of tropical birds and other wildlife.

Organic Farm Provides Fresh Food Daily

One of the things that make a stay at Morgan’s Rock so special is their on-property organic farm and garden. While not all food that is served at the resort is generated from the farm, everything that is from the farm is served and used at the resort. The rich, volcanic soil is ideal for growing all kinds of fruits and veggies, and a team works the garden to ensure a year-round harvest.

From the minute you hop into the back of the truck and head away from the main lodge to the working farm, your guide will begin telling you about the farm’s history and what it takes to run successfully today.Try your hand at milking a cow or grab a freshly laid egg or two, still warm, and give them to the chef to begin preparing for your breakfast!

You’ll notice several dishes that feature duck on the menu, and in recently months their duck population has been thriving. Our guide very sweetly said, “the chef simply makes a call and they bring him what he needs.” The food here is, literally, as fresh as it gets. (And the duck tacos down at the beach are fantastic!)If you’re ready for a fun, new adventure – contact us now to start planning your family’s getaway to Nicaragua!

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