The Big 5 (of Family Travel!)

“The Big Five” is something you’ll hear about while on safari in Africa. This refers to the five species that are the stars of the safari show; Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Elephant and Cape Buffalo.

Well … over the years at Videre Travel we’ve identified our own version of the Big Five – the Big Five of family travel! Our Big Five includes five experiences families seek to have together with their kids before they leave home.
These trips are not necessarily defined by destination or price point, rather our Big Five trips are all about the lessons learned, the purpose of the journey and the overall experience.

Read on to discover our Big Five family journeys and some ideas to get you excited about planning your next family adventure.

#1. Epic Wildlife Viewing

Of course the most epic wildlife viewing experience on earth is a safari in Africa. There is absolutely nothing like hearing lion roar in the night, sleeping under canvas in a luxe safari camp, sunrise with a steaming cup of fresh, local coffee and coming within inches of elephant on a game drive.

But we send families on plenty of other epic wildlife viewing trips that offer equally awe-inspiring experiences.
Some of these trips include swimming with massive whale sharks in Mexico, spotting bear, buffalo (or wolves if you’re lucky!) in Yellowstone National Park, and exploring the pristine reefs and underwater world of French Polynesia.

#2. Discover Ancient Civilizations

It’s one thing to learn about ancient civilizations in school … it’s quite another to walk the Inca trail in Peru, explore the tunnels beneath Rome’s colosseum, or swim through ancient mangrove channels dug by Mayans in Mexico.

These experiences immerse families in history and are profoundly educational. We love combining these with more relaxed moments, ensuring everyone in the family stays engaged and has fun throughout the trip.

#3. Tropical Rainforest Experience

The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest. And while rainforests are critically important to humanity, they are rapidly being destroyed by human activities. Now more than ever, tourism is critical to the preservation of these important ecosystems.
We love the small boats that operate in the Amazon, like Aqua Expeditions. With small-group excursions of no larger than eight conducted by highly-experienced naturalist guides, this is a luxe, life-enriching wildlife encounter in the Amazon.

More accessible tropical rainforest experiences can be had throughout Costa Rica, down into Panama, Colombia and throughout South America – these rainforests can be explored from ecolodges, boats, and everything in between.

#4. Active Family Adventure

As all parents know, keeping kids active and busy is a good thing. And as kids get older they are increasingly able to participate in more active adventures. Backcountry ski trips in the Rocky Mountains, via ferrata in France, hiking in Peru, surfing in Hawaii.

We love pairing families with adventures and guides around the world! Let us know what your family is up for and we can design a fun and active itinerary around it.

#5. Explore the Great Cities of Europe

Last but certainly not least, London, Paris, and Rome.

Europe is home to the most spectacular cities in the world. From the museums and cultural heritage sites, to the cobblestone streets, cafes, la Dolce Vita… spending time together as a family in any of Europe’s great cities should be on every family’s bucket list!

From bike tours to cooking classes, we have guides and experiences in these classic cities and love customizing itineraries for families of all ages.
Now more than ever, these Big Fiv

e trips can, and should, be planned a year or more in advance. Ready to start planning your family’s next travel adventure? Contact us to get started today!

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