What to Book Now – April 2021

As more and more Americans become fully Covid-19 vaccinated, it’s clear that we are all READY. TO. TRAVEL!
Since the beginning of the global pandemic, all of us in the travel industry knew we’d be seeing a post-pandemic surge. There were definitely moments where we had to remind one another of this fact during the darkest days of lockdowns, but we all knew there was going to be a massive return to travel once the pandemic was over.
And I’m beyond thrilled to say that the surge is here!

This week I wanted to share what travel we’re planning and what requests we’re seeing right now. As the world begins to reopen and you consider your own travel plans, this may give you some ideas or inspiration.
Or maybe light a fire under you and your group to get started planning now!
Here’s what we’re working on right now.

Celebration and Milestone Trips

Right now we’re working on a lot of milestone birthday trips, anniversary celebrations, and graduation trips. This is not surprising at all. After a year of social distancing, we’re all eager to celebrate missed birthdays and other milestones with friends and family. We’re making up for lost time. For this type of trip, people are looking for warm weather, beach destinations. Easy, simple and relaxing!

However, unlike previous years, these tips are trending a bit more extravagant. Instead of Mexico or Hawaii, families are looking at Tahiti, Croatia, private villas in the Caribbean.
Considering a celebratory milestone or extended family trip? Right now we’re booking a lot of Tahiti, sailing in Croatia and small boutique properties in Central America and the Caribbean.

Festive Season Trips

The weeks over the Christmas and New Years holidays are known as “festive season” in the travel industry. These week’s are typically the most in-demand travel weeks of the year – and this coming year will be perhaps the most in-demand weeks of travel ever.
What does this mean for you and your family? Book your festive season travel right now! And I mean Festive Season 2021, 2022 and even 2023!

This is a trend I really hope endures. For trips over major holidays you will ALWAYS get the best pricing and find space the longer in advance you plan. And half of the joy of travel is in the planning and excitement leading up isn’t it? If you’re planning on traveling anywhere over festive season 2021, please contact us right now to get that planned and booked. And if you’re looking at a bigger bucket list trip (African safari, Northern Lights, Peru, Galapagos, Australia or New Zealand, etc) for 2022 or 2023, let’s get started on those too!

Whatever is open!

Finally, people are booking relatively last minute travel to wherever they can!

Currently, if you’re looking to travel internationally in the coming months, surefire bets include; Tahiti (should reopen in May), Greece (also May), Croatia (open now!), Central America, Iceland, Peru and the Galapagos. Of course, this is all changing on nearly a daily basis (particularly with the latest CDC news that fully vaccinated people can travel!)
So there you have it! As of early April 2021 this is what people are booking right now. Ready to get started planning? Contact us now!

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