What you need to know about travel right now.

As more and more of us become fully vaccinated, travel is very much coming back.
However, the landscape is a little different. Things remain a bit unpredictable. At least for the moment, and particularly when traveling to more remote, exotic locations, it’s more important than ever to pack your sense of adventure and a healthy dose of patience when you leave home!

Things can – and most certainly will – continue to change as the world reopens. But as always, our Videre Travel team has the best local partners on the ground around the world and together we work hard to adapt when necessary to ensure the best possible travel experience for you and your family.
So if you’re ready to start planning a family trip, today we’re answering some of your most pressing questions!

Why are flights SO expensive right now?

We’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the airlines. Of course we need them to travel, but man, the airlines can sometimes be a real pain. At the moment, we’re seeing constant schedule changes, particularly with international flights.

The good news is that airlines are adding back flights that were cancelled in 2020, so inventory is growing, but with this comes changing schedules and pricing that can fluctuate wildly. Until capacity is increased to pre-pandemic levels and demand for travel is sky high – flights currently available are priced at a premium.
If you are eager to travel in 2021 and into 2022 please book your flights ASAP. If you book something now and then see months from now the same flight priced lower – in most cases you will have the ability to rebook as the large airlines are retaining flexible booking terms rolled out during the pandemic. You won’t get a refund, but you will get a voucher for the difference from most major carriers.

When can we go to Europe?

According to the European Commission, American travelers who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 should soon be able to enter the European Union this summer.
Greece and Croatia are already open to fully vaccinated travelers or those with negative covid test results. France is beginning a phased reopening June 9 and Italy recently announced they will begin reopening with “COVID-tested flights” starting May 16 from New York and Atlanta to Rome and Milan—for which passengers must test negative 48 hours before boarding, then again at the airport, and a third time on arrival. This means that any American citizen may now travel to Italy, even on vacation, for the first time in over a year!

We also expect many post-pandemic shifts to permanently change some elements of travel for the better. For example we’re seeing plans for more timed entry to key tourist sights – think the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum in Rome – which translates to less time standing in line and fewer crowds for you!
At Videre Travel we are currently planning quite a bit of travel to Europe for July and August. While space is filling up, we are able to make it happen. If you’re considering a last minute trip to Europe this summer please reach out ASAP! And if you’re considering a trip to Europe in 2022 – please read on for some further advice 🙂

Will kids under 12 (who can’t get vaccinated – yet) be allowed to travel to destinations that are considering vaccine passports?

At this point, particularly in Europe, it looks like requirements to travel will be documentation of complete vaccination OR a negative covid test, not both.

How far in advance should I be planning?

It’s simple – the earlier the better! There is massive pent up demand for travel right now. Families are making up for lost time and planning big, bucket list trips, often years in advance.

The earlier you can start planning, the better in terms of pricing, availability …. AND of course sharing with your family that wonderful feeling of anticipation and excitement for a fun adventure in the future!
Bottom line … stay flexible and book early. Travel is happening so let’s get started planning today!

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