Cheese & Truffles & Wine… oh my!

Nothing beats an Italian adventure, and if you’ve already seen the highlights – Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan – it’s time to return to Italy and treat your senses to something different!

Get your hands dirty on a Parmigiano Reggiano Dairy Farm

Did you know that the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is known as the “kitchen of Italy” and is the birthplace of Parmesan cheese? As if that isn’t reason enough to visit, it’s also a spectacularly beautiful region, with breathtaking views spanning from the mountains to the sea. Not only can you taste the cheese, but here you can discover Bologna, one of the most renowned cities in Italy for culture and cuisine, and Ferrara – a Renaissance art city with some pretty cool medieval castles, fortresses and palaces.

Here, 90% of the population travels around by bike and it’s a wonderful way to explore, especially with the kiddos!

One of our favorite family friendly tours in the region is a visit to a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy farm. We all love a little parmesan on our pasta, but did you realize that the production of the cheese is a very complicated process which only takes place between April and November? The cows are fed only grass, clovers and hay and it takes 500 liters of milk (about 132 gallons) to produce just one wheel of cheese, weighing in at about 88 pounds!

With your handpicked specialist guide, you can visit an artisan producer making about 30 wheels of cheese every single day. The best part is getting to taste the cheese at various stages of maturation!

Dumplings and Meatballs in the Dolomites

After all that cheese and yummy food and wine, you will definitely need to stretch your legs a bit! Just several hours away, the more adventurous families can drive up into the Alps and explore Italy’s towering Dolomites.

Here you will encounter sweeping pastures filled with flowers, and endless views from gondola rides. For more traditional “mountain” fare, you will definitely enjoy the homemade goodness of polenta or dumplings at a “rifugi”, or family run trailside hut. 

In the Dolomites you can easily spend a week hiking, biking and walking through magnificent landscapes – past grassy meadows, pine forests, alpenrose, edelweiss and fairytale villages. As with every region in Italy, the dishes, food preparation, flavors and seasoning are very particular to this region. An experience not to be missed, we can arrange for you to go herb harvesting with your guide and later use your herbs in a cooking class!

Truffle Festival in Piedmont

Each year in October the Piedmont Truffle Festival is held  in Alba, Italy. The heart of the Fair is the White Alba Truffle World Market, the ideal place to appreciate and purchase truffles from the region. 

During the weekend there are also shows and experiences related to local food and wine: Creative moments with great Chefs (Michelin starred and not), the Ateliers of Fresh Pasta, the Sensory Analysis of Truffles, the Wine Tasting Experiences and more.

For a truly unique foodie experience be sure to add this to your list!

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