Thriving in 2022

Once again, Videre Travel has been recognized by Conde Nast Travel magazine as a Top Travel Specialist. Now more than ever this is such a powerful honor! After two years of perseverance and passion, we have not only survived the global pandemic – but are thriving in it’s wake.

To our clients and partners around the world – thank YOU for being part of our community. Travel is a big investment of money and time, and we never, ever take for granted the trust our clients put in us to get the best return on the important investment in travel.

So what exactly does it mean to be a Top Travel Specialist? As founder Sarah Fazendin likes to say, “travelers come to us when the stakes are high.”

Here are a few specific examples of high stakes trips and why our clients keep coming back again and again.

“One Does Not Take the A Train to Mecca”

This is one of our all time favorite quotes from the late, great Anthony Bourdain. Here, he’s talking about how the journey is part of the experience. Some of the world’s greatest destinations are not simple or easy to reach, but very much worth the effort to get there.

Catching a sunrise in Machu Picchu, enjoying a sundowner cocktail in the Serengeti, swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos, kayaking in Antarctica … all epic experiences that absolutely require expert planning.

The more complicated a destination – the more we can help!

You Can’t VIP Yourself

Places like Alaska, the Greek islands, and jungle lodges in Costa Rica and Belize, Caribbean islands like St. Barths always pose challenges when it comes to finding accommodation space during peak season.

Here’s where our relationships come in. Our partners on the ground have direct relationships with the best hotels, lodges and other accommodations. Oftentimes they are able to make a call and secure space for our clients even when a hotel is showing sold out online.

Furthermore, Videre Travel clients are flagged as VIPs from the moment a booking is confirmed. This comes with perks like preferred room assignments, upgrades, resort credit and other added amenities.

Be sure to reach out if you’re planning to travel over the holidays, Spring Break or any other peak/ busy season.

We’re very good at herding cats!

And finally, we love to see friends and families traveling together. Especially after two years of relative isolation, we’re seeing more group trips than ever!

Over the years we’ve learned how to best help our clients navigate the unique challenges that come along with multiple families or larger groups of friends and families traveling together.

If you’re planning to travel with friends or a larger family group we’re here to help!

We value relationships above all else

It’s our #1 core value – relationships are everything. Over the span of two decades, we’ve developed enduring relationships with our teams on the ground all around the world. From Kenya to Costa Rica, we collaborate with local teams on the ground to create custom itineraries and bespoke experiences.

When you book with Videre Travel, you are tapping into a global network of trusted travel specialists.

Ready to start planning your next bucket list trip? Get started today!


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