What’s trending right now?

At Videre Travel we design bespoke itineraries and bucket list trips. We’re always keeping tabs on what destinations and experiences our clients are looking for. This does evolve over time!

So what bucket list trips are our clients booking? Here’s what’s trending right now.


Right now we’re booking ALL THE ITALY!

For many families, Italy is the first European travel experience they take with kids. And for good reason!

Italy is home to several of Europe’s classic cities, the iconic food and wine, and of course Italy the epicenter of the European “la dolce vita”. Our clients love mixing engaging private tours with plenty of down time to stroll through the streets, pop into boutiques, and just live the good life in Italy.

Right now our itineraries are filled with private boat charters on the Amalfi coast, lots of cooking classes, private wine tastings, shopping with a personal guide in places like Milan and Florence, bike tours around the outskirts of Rome and even truffle hunting!

Truffles can be found in Italy year round. Specific truffles mature during the following seasons.

  • Black truffle – November to March
  • Black summer truffle – Tartufo Nero Scorzone – from June to September
  • Bianchetti -between January and April
  • White truffle of Alba – late September to December

During these truffle seasons there are several local truffle festivals as well. For a truly unique Italian experience consider attending one of these festivals! 


For seasoned travelers looking to explore Europe a bit more “off the beaten path” – and stay active at the same time – guided bike tours are something we’re increasingly building into longer itineraries to Europe.

Spend your days biking through the French countryside, stopping for lunch at a winery before arriving at a charming boutique hotel for the night, your luggage waiting for you in your room when you arrive. Our clients really enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded travelers and love getting to know the local guides.

While this is most common in European destinations like France, Switzerland and Croatia – we are SUPER excited to see new itineraries emerging in destinations like Morocco and the Galapagos!


The Cuba inquiries are also rolling in! For Americans, this destination is not inexpensive. This is largely because we need to create itineraries in a way that complies with the regulations for Americans to travel to Cuba.

But we ALWAYS get amazing feedback from our clients making Cuba a joy for us to plan and book.

While most of our clients spend 4 nights or so in Cuba and base out of Havana, we’re also starting to plan and book longer itineraries that include cities like Trinidad and Cienfuegos for a very full, cultural experience.


While Africa is always a top bucket list trip here at Videre Travel, right now we’re seeing families plan longer trips to Africa. Our clients are planning well in advance (2023 and 2024 trips in the works right now!) and spending more time on the ground.

Having more time on the ground allows us to be very intentional in designing unique experiences that excite each member of the family.

This includes things like private shopping experiences with local artisans in Nairobi, visits to schools and other local projects, adding in high adventure like rock climbing or mountain biking and getting hand’s on with important conservation projects.


And finally – from Belize to Colombia to Brazil – we love planning trips that include tropical rainforests! The massive trees, exotic wildlife and power of pure, raw nature never fails to impress.

Our clients are getting more and more adventurous. Right now our itineraries include things like spending a day on a remote lake in the Belizean jungle, traveling through world-class rapids by raft to get to a luxury lodge in Costa Rica, and hiking to pristine waterfalls in central Colombia.

So what’s on your bucket list? Get started planning today!


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