Why Great Guides Matter

A fabulous travel itinerary is made up of many components. While elements like hotels get much of the attention, there is so much more that goes into a fabulous travel experience.

Our partners in destinations around the world are experts, the best at what they do. In addition to orchestrating complex itineraries, they hand pick the best guides and ensure they will be the right fit.

Today we wanted to share just a few ways a great guide can elevate your journey.

Some Guides Are With You Throughout Your Trip

In some destinations (such as Peru, the Galapagos, Colombia, and parts of Africa just to name a few) your guide picks you up when you arrive at the airport and is with you every day of your trip.

So you’re with this person a lot.

This type of guide translates in real time, shares history and stories of the destination with you, and is there to trouble shoot if needed. This guide is your window to a different culture and plays a key role in your enduring impression of the destination.

Guides Keep You Safe (and so much more!)

On trips high on the adventure scale, your guide’s primary job is to keep you safe but of course they do so much more. Adventure guides also help you gear up, ensure you’re hydrated and well fed, and share destination insight.

This isn’t always an easy balance, and we’re consistently dazzled by our adventure guides around the world!

For example, when skiing in Colorado’s backcountry with Eleven Experience (our go-to luxury adventure partner) the guides ensure equipment and safety gear is good to go and help everyone feel comfortable and at ease based on ability. This is no small task but great guides make it look fun and easy!

Professional Guides Know All The Things

Safari Guides in Africa are some of the most well-trained and most knowledgable guides you will ever have while traveling. Guide training is very formal and well established throughout the safari industry. A good guide will meet you where you’re at, share information and insight that is of interest to you.

Eager to go deep on one topic? There are specialist guides in Africa to meet just about any interest.

We love watching guides interact with kids on safari in Africa. They know how to keep kids interested, engaged – bubbling over with excitement and asking questions.

Engage With Kids to Fill Unstructured Time

Particularly with younger children, guides can also help fill unstructured time and keep kids engaged. This also allows parents to have a much needed break! Our favorite luxury resorts around the world employ a team of on-site guides to support guests.

For example The Brando, a bucket-list resort in Tahiti, has an amazing team of on-staff guides. Here a morning lagoon snorkel with one of these guides can spill over into an educational beach walk and outrigger canoe ride before lunch together at the pool.

Guiding is a super critical part of any trip yet doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. It brings us so much joy to speak with clients after a trip who rave about a particular guide. It’s these people who truly take a trip from great to amazing!

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