Top Travel Trends for 2023

If there’s one thing we learned during the pandemic it’s that people are not willing to sacrifice happiness – and travel is a big part of that happiness.

In 2022 we saw a surge of creativity and reimagining of the way we travel. And even with economic uncertainty looming, we’re bullish about what the future holds and expect to see continued evolution – for the better – from our beloved travel industry. There has never been a better time to get out there and travel.

Here are the biggest trends we will be watching in 2023 and beyond.

“I’ve always wanted to stay there” properties

At Videre Travel we’re total hotel nerds and spend a spectacular amount of time learning about hotels and resorts around the world. But we’ve been delighted to see more and more of our clients are asking for specific hotels by name.

We call these “I’ve always wanted to stay there” hotels.

These properties tend to be truly unique in terms of design, built in harmony with the land and culture and integrate a strong focus on experiences to help the traveler discover the destination. These hotels are, of course, special because they are so much more than just a room in which to sleep. We’re able to build complete itineraries around these special places.

Right now our clients are asking about The Brando in Tahiti, Song Saa in Cambodia, Deplar Farm in Iceland, One & Only Gorilla’s Nest in Rwanda, and the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina Italy – to name just a few.

Dopamine Travel

Coming off of two difficult, lonely years of a pandemic, we’re all seeking moments of happiness. We’ve seen this thirst for happiness show up across interior decor and home design (Dopamine Design) as well as fashion (Dopamine Dressing).

Right now travelers are excited about destinations that are vibrant, bursting with colors, smells and sounds. These bold colors and smells actually give our brains a dopamine hit – they make us feel good!

Introducing Dopamine Travel.

Top Dopamine Travel destinations for 2023 include the Greek Islands, Italy’s sublime coastal towns (Portofino, Amalfi Coast and Puglia), and the Caribbean Islands (actually any island! travelers are crazy about islands right now).

Trust the Travel Experts

Matthew Upchurch of Virtuoso (our luxury travel consortia) recently discussed their new traveler survey saying “76% of travelers have accepted that we’re living in a ‘new normal’ where travel is more complex than ever before. Travelers want to find an expert travel partner who really know what they’re doing, has great connections, saves them time and has their back.”

YES! YES! and YES!

At Videre Travel we’re working with more new clients who have never worked with any travel professional before. We are also seeing more travelers seek out the safety net of a professional travel designer as they splurge on bigger, more adventurous and complex trips.

Our clients (old and new) value our network of local, on-the-ground contacts that provide support 24/7 while traveling, facilitate any last-minute changes, and respond to emergencies. This support combined with our vast knowledge, expertise and professional approach save time, energy, stress and make the travel planning process fun and inspiring – just the way it should be!

Zero-Kilometer Foodie Experiences

From morning coffee at the Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica to the famous fresh Burrata cheese of Puglia Italy, while traveling food and drinks are increasingly described in the context of the distance between production and consumption.

By focusing on ingredients obtained in the area where the hotel or restaurant is based, travelers are able to learn about and connect with a destination in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Supporting local producers is also the pinnacle of sustainability and undeniably yields the very best quality possible. Like this freshly shaved black truffle pulled from the ground just moments before!

With a more hyper-local focus than ever before, the concept of Zero-Kilometer Food is something you certainly can expect to hear more about in 2023.

Here’s to the best year ahead and all the amazing travel experiences! Ready to plan? Get started today!


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