Caribbean Yacht Charter

Four Important Questions to Consider

If you enjoy beautiful beaches, being on the water and are looking for a fun, new adventure with your family – definitely consider booking a yacht charter in the Caribbean! The Caribbean offers several ideal locations to charter a boat, with the British Virgin Islands at the top of the list.

In the BVIs the calm waters are ideal for boating, the clustered islands make for a perfect 7-night itinerary, and the charter infrastructure is well established. Have a look at a sample itinerary for a boat charter in the British Virgin Islands here.

As you consider booking a Caribbean yacht charter, ask yourself these four important questions.

Are you interested in sailing?

Boats available for charter comprise a wide range from simple monohull sail boats to luxe catamarans to mega yachts. Chartering a sailing vessel, either a monohull or a catamaran, is more of an adventure (and more cost effective) vs chartering a power yacht.

If you have some experience sailing or are keen to learn more about sailing, consider chartering a sailing vessel and let us know you would like to be hands-on with the sailing experience. Most captains are more than happy to have you lend a hand and share their sailing knowledge with you.

While under sail, you’ll travel at a slower pace than with an engine. This is part of the experience. It’s not about reaching your next destination as quickly as possible.

And if sailing is not important or interesting to you or if you’d like to move around quickly, select a boat primarily based on other features such as number of bedrooms, common areas and other amenities.

Do you want a full crew or captain only?

When chartering a boat you can opt to have a captain or “fully crewed.” While the difference might not seem significant at first glance, this is an important decision as the experience is significantly different.

The captain’s responsibility is to safely and efficiently captain the boat. And really that’s it. When booking a charter that is “fully crewed” you’ll get a captain and chef, all meals and drinks, and often additional water toys.

The crew will make recommendations on itinerary and routing, book mooring balls and marina slips as needed, prepare all meals, make dinner reservations, and keep the boat clean and tidy. This experience offers a much higher level of service vs hiring a captain only for your charter.

Are you happy to stay on the boat for 7 nights?

Some of our clients enjoy the experience of spending days on a boat, but prefer to sleep at least a few nights on land in a nice hotel or resort. While boat accommodations are surprisingly comfortable, be honest with yourself about spending a full week sleeping on a boat – particularly if someone in your group suffers from seasickness.

In many destinations it’s possible to book a few nights at a resort in the middle of a charter.

How do you want to spend your days?

Is your family super active? Always on the go and up for lots of adventure? Or do you prefer to have relaxed mornings, lazy lunches and long happy hours while on vacation?

Again it’s important to know how your family prefers to travel and stay true to that. There is a boat and experience for every travel style!

Is chartering a yacht in the Caribbean on your bucket list? Get started planning here!


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