quick bookings


Our Hotel Desk is a quick booking resource for Videre Travel clients to make simple hotel room reservations.

When you know where you want to stay and don't need in-depth travel design services, quickly book a hotel via the Videre Travel Hotel Desk and enjoy the valuable perks and amenities you've come to love!

Simply search by destination and date to discover available hotels.

Enter payment information to confirm your booking and you will immediately receive a detailed confirmation via email.

We will also reach out personally to reconfirm your reservation and collect any additional information or travel preferences. 

If more detailed hotel consulting, concierge services, logistics assistance, or destination advice is needed, please be in touch to start working with one of our expert travel designers.

book a hotel

The Videre Travel Hotel Desk features our preferred partner hotels and hotel brands.

When you book a hotel via our online hotel desk you can access special amenities such as room upgrades, daily breakfast, welcome treats, and hotel credits (usually around $100 per stay).

These amenities are not available to the public or when booking directly on the hotel's website.

And as always, when you book via our Hotel Desk we'll be sure that you're welcomed as a VIP and that the hotel is aware of your travel needs and preferences.