Growing up with a father who traveled internationally for work, it’s no surprise that Valentina’s wanderlust emerged at a young age. Following a college semester abroad in Scotland, Valentina decided to pursue a Master’s degree in International Tourism Administration from George Washington University, with an emphasis on Ecotourism & Sustainable Development in Latin America. Her thesis led Valentina to Belize, Venezuela and northern Guatemala, where she worked with ProPeten (in partnership with Conservation International). 

Now with almost 30 years of travel industry experience and having visited 23 countries spanning 4 continents, Valentina continues her work primarily throughout Latin America and Africa (with a bit of Europe, SE Asia and Pacific Rim thrown in!) with a focus on adventure, eco and philanthropic travel. Equally comfortable in the office, exploring the rainforest, or out on safari, Valentina is thrilled to be working with Videre Travel, curating bespoke, highly customized and off the beaten path adventures for her clients. 

Valentina Michaels


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Taking my family on safari in Zimbabwe (my favorite country in sub Saharan Africa), Chilean Patagonia, Namibia, Scandinavia, and back to Italy.

favorite travel memory?

This is a tough one. One of my favorites was my first ever time on safari. We started driving in Chobe National was hot and the animals were hiding. I, in turn, was trying to hide my disappointment. All of a sudden as the sun began to set by the Chobe River, I looked up and there were giraffes and eles everywhere emerging from the bush! It was one of the most magical and magnificent moments in my life. A close second was in Venezuela. We were in Canaima National Park with our Pemon guide, having spent several days traveling by dugout canoe, ultimately to the base of Angel Falls. At one point, we got out to swim though the icy waters of a cave to emerge in a place the Pemon considered holy. There was a waterfall and a pool, and the cascading water had carved what looked like human and animal faces in the rock walls on all sides of us. There was an other worldly energy present, it was overwhelming and left us all speechless. We must have sat in that space for hours.





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Inkaterra Mapi Pueblo


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